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Green has many shades of meaning. To us, it means your home should be healthy as well as beautiful, delivering clean air and water, limiting toxins and saving energy.

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Rory Moore


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We bring over 30 years of experience that spans every aspect of contracting work.

Over time, we’ve done it all: seismic upgrades, foundations, framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, plaster, stonework, cabinetry, additions, decks, kitchens, bathrooms, and everything in between.

We’ve also seen it all: when opening up the walls of old homes around San Francisco, we’ve encountered all sorts of surprises and solved the challenges that come with hundred-year-old structures and layers of previous renovation.

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Sustainable Builds and Renovations

We work on projects of all sizes, scopes and budgets. We’ve also looked deep into the safety and sustainability of construction and finish materials and can advise you on best practices for a healthy, nontoxic dwelling that isn’t costly to achieve.

Free 30-Minute Consultations

We’re happy to do a no-obligation walk through of your property with you to answer questions, offer advice and share our expertise.


Like retrofitting, it’s a way to go into an existing structure and perform upgrades that protect the occupants, such as replacing materials that outgas chemicals with safe alternatives or removing sources of EMF. We identify the hazards of greatest concern and create a stepped plan to eliminate them. Oftentimes we recommend starting in a child’s room.

Retro-greening is also something we strongly encourage when homes are flipped. Putting a shine on an investment property using materials that are affordable and nontoxic is not only responsible—it adds to the appeal and price of the home.